For 11 years

We have perfected our technologies to perfection and ensure stable operation of VPN.

Technical support 24/7

If you face any problems, contact us and we will promptly solve them.

Money back guarantee

We will return the money to you within 30 days after your payment if you are not satisfied with the quality of our services

Why it is worth choosing us

We are stable

There will be no "surprises" in the form of a periodically inoperative service. For 11 years of work, this happened only a few times.

Traffic leakage protection

In our client there is a function of disconnecting of the select network connection at the moment of the connection break.

Our servers change the TTL of the packet

By value of the received TTL of the packet, you can determine through how many hosts your computer is located. The changed TTL value excludes this possibility.

Low price

For $20 per month, you will get access to 39 SimpleVPN, DoubleVPN; TripleVPN, QuadroVPN and PentaVPN via OpenVPN and also to 32 SimpleVPN-servers via IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec protocols.

Your anonymity

Everything is simple. We do not keep logs, do not collect personal information and do not monitor our clients since 2009.


We allow 3 simultaneous connections from one login and one internet connection.

Dedicated VPN

All our VPN-servers are dedicated and are not virtual VPS-servers like cheap VPN services.

Free test

You can try our VPN for free within 3 hours by connecting our support service.

Choose your tariff plan

The use of each tariff plan ensures your comfortable stay in the network.

  • Low price
  • We do not keep logs
  • Dedicated servers
  • Stability
  • 3 simultaneous connections
  • We change the TTL of the packet
  • IP connection
  • Traffic leakage protection
  • Ease of connection
  • Many payment options
  • 3 hours of free test
  • Each VPN is a DNS server


One Month Plan $7

Billed $7 Per Moth
Access to 7 countries with Single VPN

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24 Hours Pro

24 Hours Plan $1.3

Billed $1.3 Per 24 Hours
Access to 7 countries with Single VPN

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1 Week Pro

One Week Plan $7.5

Billed $7.5 One Week
39 servers: Single, Double, Triple, Quadro, Penta VPN

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1 Month Pro

One Month Plan $20

Billed $20 Per Moth
39 servers: Single, Double, Triple, Quadro, Penta VPN

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3 Month PRO

Three Month Plan $55

Billed $18.33 Per Moth
39 servers: Single, Double, Triple, Quadro, Penta VPN

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6 Month PRO

Six Month Plan $105

Billed $17.5 Per Moth
39 servers: Single, Double, Triple, Quadro, Penta VPN

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1 Year Pro

One Year Plan $190

Billed $15.83 Per Moth
39 servers: Single, Double, Triple, Quadro, Penta VPN

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VPN & dedicated IP Plan $20

Billed $20 Per
VPN & dedicated IP

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Reviews about Safe-Inet


It is the excellent VPN service! I have been looking for something similar for a long time and finally found. Connection goes through dedicated servers, which is the plus for me. I know that some VPN services use virtual VPS servers to save money. I bought 7 Single VPN package for this subscription. Seven countries are available. It is basically enough for me.


Good afternoon! I did not dare to use this server for a long time. I monitored different reviews but in the end I decided. The first month passed without any problem - everything flew, just crazy speed. Then the first problems were. I immediately bought full access to 26 countries (I have a subscription for six months) as a result, the connection to some countries was not very good...I decided to contact technical support. I was told they would see what was going on. Those problems were fixed in about three days. In the end the question was resolved in my favor and now everything works as it should. Guys, you work well!

United Kingdom

Safe-inet has got excellent technical support! Recently there was a situation when I could not establish a connection: some kind of failure occured. I decided to contact technical support. I looked at my watch - two o'clock in the morning. I did not even think that they would answer me quickly. But the manager promptly answered me and solved my problem. In the end, five minutes after the call, the connection was established. Thank you for your help!


Hello! I recently started using the OpenVPN-server and would like to share my opinion about it. Firstly I want to separately mark the speed and Ping. The Internet just flies! Secondly - feedback. If there is any problem I immediately contact the specialist through Telegram and the issue is promptly resolved. Thirdly - uninterrupted work on different devices. I work on Windows and Linux and nothing crashes. The connection is stable. I recommend OpenVPN to everyone.


I often shop on the Internet and want my data to be reliably protected. In general, I am annoyed by this openness. I do not want someone to know what I do on the Internet. So I decided to connect my VPN. At the moment I have been using it for four months and I can say that it works perfectly. Network activity is not badly hidden (which is the most important for me). I visit blocked sites without problems. So safe-inet made an excellent VPN service. Thanks for it.


Service is good but not without drawbacks. I took a free test before buying. Test time was three hours. During this time were no problems, all sites were opened and the connection was stable. Now after the test, almost two months have passsd, during this time everything is OK, there were no failures (only a couple of minor ones). But one significant disadvantage was found. I am talking about the lack of port forwarding i.e. it turns out there is no way to open a port for torrent. If you eliminate this jamb, then you will be invaluable!


In general everything is OK but sometimes the connection speed is low. The problem can be solved if you switch to another country. And so OpenVPN never let down, connects to servers without problems. Prices are reasonable especially when compared with other VPN services. In general, I signed up for three months but now I am thinking of taking it for a year right away because it turns out much more profitable.


Hello! My name is Dilara. I live in Turkey. I bought a subscription immediately for six months of use. I also did a free test before buying. VPN works fine. It quickly connects to servers with one button. Disconnectings, if any, then rare. VPN is reliable and does not transmit data anywhere or store logs. I will advise you to friends.


I took a full subscription to 26 countries for a month for $20. No freezes in work, very quickly connects. Support works seven days a week and it is valuable. You can ask a question and get an answer quickly at any time. Any issue is resolved in minutes. I have something to compare with since I used another service before. There was no such operational work and even without jambs it could not do, permanent breaks. So my grade is only 5.


OpenVPN - is the best service I have ever met! Excellent protection for all devices without loss of quality and connection speed. Installing and connecting to servers is simple. No special knowledge is required for this. So that even I, far from any technical wisdom, could understand. The subscription is only for a month, but I will renew it in the near future.

Still in doubt?

Safe-Inet VPN is a service that has been operating for over 11 years. Our international team consists of experienced technical specialists who understand how important anonymity on the network is for our clients. We offer affordable pricing plans for everyone. Join us!

We are confident in the quality of the service provided, so we suggest you test it absolutely free of charge. Write to us in chat, Telegram or other contacts and get 3 hours of free VPN test in one minute!