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Welcome to Safe-Inet VPN

Safe-Inet VPN is a service that has been running for more than 11 years. Our international team consists of experienced technical specialists who understand how important anonymity on the web is for our clients. We offer affordable pricing plans for everyone. Join us!

The Internet must get better. We are doing everything to ensure that users have access to any content, resources or service without any restrictions. This is exactly the idea the creators of the world wide web had in 1989.

The beginning of history

Our company started working in 2009. At that time, we, childhood friends, decided to create a new technology that will provide unlimited use of the Internet. The idea arose while travelling in Europe. Moving from one country to another, we were constantly faced with the restrictions of this or that content due to the actions of the governments of different states. Then we realized that the network was deprived of the main feature, for which it was valued by billions of users around the world. Then the decision was made: to start looking for solutions that will help erase all boundaries.

After a while we finished the development of the first VPN-server. We tested it  ourselves, asked our friends and all possible acquaintances to do it. When we received the first reviews and feedback, we realized that we were moving in the right direction. From the moment our company, which today helps many users to erase boundaries and not worry about their personal information security began to work.

Modern platform

The name of our service is based on the ideals of confidentiality, trust and innovative developments. We have reflected the main value in it - unlimited possibilities of users and the desire to offer consumers modern and unique solutions.

Today we have a reputation as one of the most reliable platforms that provides Internet users with modern protection. Our services are used not only by private users but also large companies operating in the international market. We associate with reliability, responsibility and high quality of services provided for all clients.

We are constantly experimenting and testing new technologies so that the Internet is the way the creators intended: unlimited, free and useful for everyone.

Our company manifesto

Tim Berners-Lee is one of the founders of the modern world wide web. He implemented HTML communication in 1989. At that time, in his mind, the Internet was an island of security, which was not subject to censorship and government restrictions. Unfortunately, today this idea is far from being realized. Therefore, our main goal is to do everything so that users can get unlimited access to a variety of content.

Our team consists of the best mathematicians and technical specialists from various fields. Every day they come to the office to create and erase boundaries. This motivation drives us every day, makes us come to the office and perform new tasks. We want every person to feel safe while doing some activity on the network. We are against tracking activity and believe that every user has the right to anonymity.

This applies not only to the governments of different countries but also to ourselves. That is why we refused to store logs and other personal information about clients some years ago. We sincerely  believe that the future of the Network is bright: there are no borders, people can access any information, regardless of their actual location. We see the Internet as Tim Berners-Lee saw it. One of the main advantages of our company is complete openness for clients. Yoy can follow our news, updates, new developments etc. Our goal is to built long-term relationships based on trust and understanding with each client.

We are independent

Our company controls infrastructure of VPN-servers at 100%. We always stand guard over the personal data of users and reject any requests to receive personal information about clients. We refused to store logs and other information about clients long ago, after all, this is a guarantee of long-term trusting relationships. The decryption keys are stored in a safe place and third parties do not have access to them. We have never shared them with anyone. Leakage or theft of any information about the activity of our users is excluded. We are regularly working to improve security systems.

On 23.11.2020 we approve:

One of the main rules that we follow day by day is no logs and personal information about users. This is the only way to achieve maximum security and anonymity on the Internet.

Still in doubt?

We are confident in the quality of the service provided, so we offer you to test it absolutely free of charge. Write to us in the chat, Telegram or other contacts and get 3 hours of free VPN test in one minute!

It is easy to purchase a VPN service from us — you can choose from more than 10 payment options.

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