To subscribe to VPN service follow these steps:

  • 1. Perform registration to create an account to access to members area:

  • 2. Login to member area using login and password which provided in e-mail message you'll receive on e-mail address mentioned on first step:

    • In the main page of members area you'll see the state of your member account:

  • 3. Make a pay-in by entering the amount which must not be lower than a cost of a chosen subscription plan. Select "Deposit Funds" option in menu, select payment gateway, input amount and click "Deposit":

    • Check entered data and click "Deposit":

  • 4. Activate vpn. Click "VPN activation" menu option, select subscription and click "Extend" button:

    • You'll see the result of update. If update was successful:

    After that your subscription will be activated and you'll can use our VPN service. Your settings, guides and subscription details are in "Account Overview" section of members area:

    You can extend subscription at any time (even when a current subscription is active). Expiration date will be set accordingly to update.