VPN account connection, VPN client

How can I start using of your service?

1. You should register on our web site, recharge balance of your account and extend subscription to our VPN service. Step by step instruction of registration procedure can be found here.
2. Choose type of VPN that you want to use – PPTP VPN or OpenVPN (note that Double and Triple VPN can be used only with OpenVPN, difference).
3. Download VPN configuration files from "Services" section of your member's area.
4. Install and launch VPN as described in manual that can be found in downloaded archive with VPN settings or as shown on video tutorial.

I use VPN but some websites determine my IP address via WebRTC technology.

Probably you use Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser that support WebRTC. Websites can use webrtc to determine your IP via special javascript request. The demo is here https://diafygi.github.io/webrtc-ips/ .
Firefox users can disable WebRTC:
1. Type about:config in the browser's address bar and hit enter.
2. Confirm you will be careful if the prompt appears.
3. Search for media.peerconnection.enabled.
4. Double-click the preference to set it to false. This turns of WebRTC in Firefox.

Use the plugin WebRTC Leak Prevent for Chrome browser and addon WebRTC Control for Opera.

Some web sites are able to determinate DNS servers of my ISP even if I use VPN connection. How can I prevent this from happening?

Such thing happens if your web browser supports executing scripts feature. In order to prevent this from happening you have two ways:

1. Disable scripts executing feature in your web browser.

2. Re-configure your network connection to use following DNS servers:
Primary DNS server –
Alternative DNS server - leave this field empty.

Now everything should work properly and web sites won't be able to determinate your DNS settings. In order to use Internet without VPN connection you will need to set back DNS servers of your provider.

I can't find any tutorials or manuals regarding VPN configuration on your web site.

Links to video tutorials can be found in section "Services" inside your member’s area. Also in the same section you can download archives with VPN settings. Inside these archives you will be able to find detailed instruction of VPN configuration.

Video Tutorials
OpenVPN / DoubleVPN
Windows XP
Windows XP
Windows Vista,7
Windows 7
Mac OS
Mac OS

During using OpenVPN software I get error message "All TAP-Win32 adapters on this system are currently in use". What should I do?

Seems like you have disabled or haven't installed TAP-Win32 network driver during OpenVPN installation. You should re-enable or re-install this driver in order to use VPN connection. OpenVPN software can't work properly without it.

What is a single, double and triple VPN connection and which is the most protected from them?

During using single VPN connection you access Internet from the same server that you have chosen during connection. With double VPN you connect to the first server in chain, but access Internet from the second VPN server. Traffic between these server is also encrypted. In the same way works triple VPN with three VPN servers in different countries.

How much speed of my Internet connection will I lose using double and triple VPN connection?

For double and triple VPN we use the fastest servers, so your speed and response time will be slightly affected.

What types of VPN do you provide with your service?

Our service provides access to VPN connection through PPTP VPN and OpenVPN. More information about difference between these methods you can find here.

Which domain is used to establish connection with the remote VPN server?

Our service established connection to VPN servers through the IP addresses, not via domains. Due to this logs of your ISP will contain only information about connection to some IP address.

How many simultaneous connections can be established with your service?

We allow using up to 3 simultaneous connections from one username from one IP address

Which ports can be used in order to establish VPN connection?

PPTP VPN uses port 1723. By default Single VPN uses port 5277, but you can change it to 110 or 443. For this you should edit configuration file for needed VPN server. Double and Triple VPN use different ports in range 5580-5700.

How many servers will I be able to access after I have activated subscription with your service? Also how much does it cost to get access to an additional server?

We don’t limit amount of servers that can be accessed after you have activated subscription with us. This means that you will get access to all servers mentioned on our web site without any additional fees.

During accessing to VPN server login prompt window appears and requests login and password. What should I put into it?

You should use the same username and password that you use for member's area.

Is this possible to change username and password of my VPN account?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to change your username, but you always can change your password. In order to change it please log in to member's area and go to 'Password' section.

How can I reset my password in case I forgot it?

For this please use our recovery password form.

Where can I find expiration date of my vpn subscription?

This information can be found in section "User Information" of your member's area.

Does your VPN use dynamic IP address? How many of them do you provide?

Our clients exit to Internet from the server through on shared IP address. We change this IP address periodically, on own discretion. In case you want to get different IP addresses please use VPN with proxy service.

Do your servers create any type of logs regarding connection or traffic?

Our servers don't create any type of logs, we won't be able to get any information about your Internet surfing.

I have paid for service, so where can I find IP address of VPN and password for it?

Username and password for the VPN connection are the same as for member's area. IP addresses of VPN servers can be found in instruction inside downloaded archive PPTP_VPN.zip .

How to update the OpenVPN configurations in Mac OS X for Tunnelblick 3.3 and higher?

In order to update the OpenVPN configurations for Tunnelblick follow these steps:
1. Delete OpenVPN folder and the OpenVPN.zip file in Downloads folder.
2. Download OpenVPN.zip archive from 'Account Overview' section of the members area in Downloads folder by clicking on the link 'Openvpn settings'.
3. Qiut Tunnelblick.
4. Type in rm -r ~/Library/'Application Support'/Tunnelblick/Configurations/* and press Return key in the utilities window 'Terminal'.
5. sudo -s -H, press Return key and type in your password
6. rm -r /Library/'Application Support'/Tunnelblick/Shared/*
7. rm -r /Library/'Application Support'/Tunnelblick/Users/`logname`/*
8. cd ~/Downloads
9. unzip ./OpenVPN.zip
10. Open Downloads -> OpenVPN -> Mac_OS -> configs folder with Finder.
11. You will see folders with Tunnelblick's *.tblk configurations files. Click 2 times on each of them for setup.

How to update the configurations?

To update vpn configs you must perform the following steps:

VPN-client for Windows (InsorgVPN):

The program will automatically download the updates at the next startup.

OpenVPN (Video Tutorials) :

1. Delete all files and folders in the C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config\
2. Download the Openvpn settings form the members area and unpack it.
3. Copy the configuration folder you need (SingleVPN or DoubleVPN, etc.) from the "config" folder of the archive with the OpenVPN settings for Windows in C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config (no more than 50 configurations). If you have more than 50 configurations, delete the .ovpn configuration files that you don't need.

Follow the instructions faq21

1. Delete any existing files inside of the folder /etc/openvpn
2. Download the Openvpn settings form the members area and unpack it.
3. Copy the contents of the Android_iOS_Linux folder to the /etc/openvpn folder.

Don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding this maintenance.