VPN servers

We provide web anonymity since 2009!

  • SecurityAll sent data will be encrypted that will guarantee its safety from fishing, monitoring at work or at home, in public places (Cafés, Wi-Fi hotspots, hotels, airports, travels, universities, etc.). It will provide additional security from all kinds of attacks for your laptop.

  • Anonymity on the Web. Your ending IP address will be the IP address of the chosen server that will provide anonymous surf on the Internet! All Internet traffic will pass through this server in the chosen country.
  • The absence of statistics. We do not gather statistics on your connections or your personal information. All you need to register is to type-in the chosen login and your email address to get your password and recover it in case you have lost it.
  • Full access to the Internet even if a system administrator set restrictions on access to websites, ports, and protocols!

  • Access to 32 servers on OpenVPN protocols (Single VPN, Double VPN, Triple VPN, Quadro VPN, Penta VPN), IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP! We do not limit you in the choice of any VPN server, speed, traffic, or connection method! To use the full range of our services it is enough to buy VPN for any convenient period!
Is this not enough to buy VPN from us? Here are some more arguments:
  • A free utility to enhance security measures. We provide a utility for Windows that protects your traffic from a leakage past VPN in case of an emergency shutdown of VPN for standard OpenVPN (openvpn.net). Also, there is a shutdown function of the selected network connection during a VPN connection emergency shutdown in our own VPN-client InsorgVPN for Windows.
  • Servers change values of TTL (Time To Live).TTL is a lifetime of an information block. Usually, every router through which a packet passes decreases TTL by a unit. According to the TTL value of the incoming packet, it is possible to determine the number of routers the packet has been through. That allows defining through how many hosts your computer is located i.e. “distance” to you. Changed value of TTL eliminates this possibility and protects you and your information better.
  • Connection to servers occurs by IP addresses, not by domain addresses. Therefore, only the information on connecting to some IP addresses and no other information will appear in recordings of your Internet provider.
  • It is very easy to buy VPN in our service, as more than 10 options are available!
Is this not enough?
  • We allow three connections simultaneously from one login and one connection to the Internet.
  • You can take a trial session for 1 hour before buying VPN. You can do it by contacting our support team.