VPN-service Subscription Prices Schedule (USD)

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Why is it better to choose our VPN?

  • 1. Low price. Paying for the year $190 ($15.83 per month) you will get access to 34 Single VPN (your traffic will pass through one server), 34 Double VPN (through 2 servers), 32 Triple VPN (through 3 servers), 32 Quadro VPN (through 4 servers), 32 Penta VPN (through 5 servers) on OpenVPN, and to 32 Single VPN servers by the protocols IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP. Nobody has this price/quality/anonymity ratio!

  • 2. We do not keep logs and do not track our clients. How is it possible keeping VPN servers working? We respond to complaints (abuses) coming to the data center by adding a filter without being bound to our client as it is impossible to establish any connection between the complaint and the client due to the absence of logs on our VPN servers. For example, a complaint from a website will lead to blocked access to this website on the VPN server that received the complaint. Also, we delete your messaging with us from the member area.

  • 3. All our VPN servers are dedicated, not virtual VPS servers as cheap VPN services have. It is a great step forwards your security and anonymity.

  • 4. We are stable. It means you will not face any “surprise” as occasionally non-working service. During 8 years of our work, this has happened only a few times!

  • 5. We allow three connections simultaneously from one login and one connection to the Internet.

  • 6. Our servers change TTL (Time To Live) packet. According to the TTL value of the incoming packet, it is possible to determine the number of routers the packet has been through that allows defining through how many hosts your computer is located i.e. “distance” to you. Changed value of TTL eliminates this possibility and protects you and your information better.

  • 7. Connecting to servers occurs by IP addresses, not by domain addresses. Therefore, only the information on connecting to some IP addresses will appear in the records of your Internet provider.

  • 8. Every VPN server is a DNS server, that coupled with the correct configuration of your system or the use of our InsorgVPN or OpenVPN (openvpn.net) client eliminates any leakage of your provider’s DNS information.

  • 9. We provide a utility that protects your traffic from a leakage past VPN in case of an emergency shutdown of VPN for standard OpenVPN (openvpn.net) and PPTP connection manager. Also, there is a shutdown function of the selected network connection during a VPN connection emergency shutdown in our own InsorgVPN client for Windows.

  • 10. Easy connection to VPN. The quickest and easiest way is using our VPN client InsorgVPN for Windows. You can watch the tutorial below.

  • 11. Various payment options. You can pay for our services using cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC), Perfect Money, Webmoney, Yandex money, Qiwi, credit card, Paypal.

  • 12. Within 72 hours after payment, we return the money at your request.

  • 13. You can try our VPN for 2 hours free of charge by contacting our support team.

  • You can activate the subscription in a moment. For example, to make "7 days" available you need to replenish the balance for at least $7.5 in your member area, and then switch to the "7 days" in the "VPN activation" section.

    The amount $20 of "VPN&dedicated IP" fare (VPN with the dedicated IP) is a monthly subscription fee for a PPTP VPN or Single OpenVPN subscription with assigning you a dedicated IP address on one of the VPN servers (please, contact us to get the list.)