VPN servers

Experience smooth and anonymous Web browsing!

    We offer the VPN server located in Netherlands with decent premium quality Internet backbone connections to different countries all over the world. The server is available through OpenVPN and PPTP VPN protocols. We provide a better-than-over secure and anonymous Web browsing experience to end users.
Our Netherlandic VPN server bypass location-based IP blocking and allow you to access to any websites with the Netherlandic IP address that will be assigned to you from anywhere in the world. Because of the excellent network backbone connection, this VPN service provides extremely low latency and minimum jitter to users from the countries in Europe, Middle East, Far Asia and South Africa and other countries. It is an ideal daily service for everyone who needs very reliable and long term based VPN service! We are able to provide users from all over the world to enjoy the amazing VPN tunneling service in their computers, smartphones, tablets, home office routers, instantly and freely.
For more setup information, visit our VPN setup page or contact our customer support service.